The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Experience a luxury Las Vegas hotel and casino along The Strip and explore the unexpected. At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the possibilities are endless. To stay true to that promise, the goal was to design experiences where customers never saw the same thing twice. Working with in Adobes AEM platform the was to create personalized emails that would never show the same image or offers twice, this was customers would always experience something new from the brand.


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Through a series of focused workshops centered around understanding the strategic, technical and design challenges before us, the team was able to create heavy hitting plan on how to attack this goal. The strategy was to create a content matrix that we could connect with technically that would allow for the AEM system to dynamically pull and match content based on where the customer was in the journey (just starting out or landing in the lobby of the hotel) we could curate the messaging to match there location. We also used Scene 7 that would allow for the design team to ensure that both the correct images were being cropped and placed at the right sizes per screen.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas responsive emails


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We created a robust email component system that was responsively designed and that dynamically could change and adapt based on the current touchpoint with the customer on their journey. This means that the customer will need see the same content twice but that the content will be focused on where they are in the process.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas responsive emails

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