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Potentially game changing products for the solar industry, Tesla delivers on the Solar Roof and the Power Wall. Leveraging our experience working with Solar City taught us the complexities of the purchasing process for solar power. The goal Tesla’s team put in front of us was to create a smoother purchasing experience with a robust configurator that enables customers to more clearly understand the cost benefits and savings.


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We worked in close collaboration with the Tesla Energy team to understand the unique requirements for purchasing a Solar Roof and how that process differs from purchasing traditional retrofit solar panels (SolarCity model). The team started with a three part stakeholders views focusing on product, customers and experience. Afterwards we created interactive wireframes and flows that could be tested with people, then following the visual design output for the Tesla brand team to develop.


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We designed a responsive web online configurator that demonstrates solar power offset and lifetime value, while capturing just enough information to qualify a customer purchase.

Tesla Solar Energy woman holding iPad outside at night.

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