Technicolor is thought of as the brand who makes the great color we see in films but they are more than that. When you’re working with a brand that controls the complete experience from technology to art, their website needs to scalable and flexible to tell that end to end story.


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In order to tackle a brand this robust and diverse with their offerings we first put our efforts into getting the foundation right. We worked through a number of Information Architecture solutions until we found the right one, an experience that mimics the start to finish process of Technicolor from the beginnings of a dream through to the final experience of it our homes.

Sitemap of Technicolor proposed IA: Life Cycle focused.


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Creating a scalable component design architecture, we enabled internal product and marketing teams to be able to author new pages and custom experiences for new product launches and other initiatives. This design system offered a scalable solution while maintaining governance of brand/design standards across the website.

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  • Hero Digital

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  • Design Director

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  • Tony Glorioso
    Andreas Trentor

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  • Steven Hein

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  • Gino Nave

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