Galls services the needs of law enforcement, military, security, fire, EMS, postal, public transportation and more. Galls offers an extensive selection of products and brands, competitive prices, responsive service, fast deliveries, and seamless ordering. Understanding that there are demanding needs on these professions that drive their purchasing decisions the task before us was how to create a streamlined purchasing flow within a e-commerce experience.


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Galls e-commerce purchase screen


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Next we did an extensive audit of the current Galls website to determine where are all the failings and friction points their customers were encountering. Following that I began creating high level models of what the experience would be like in order to facilitate a conversation with the client on, not just how the site should work but how it needed to represent the personality of the brand.


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We created a streamlined E-commerce responsive website that captured the feeling of the brand while delivering best-of-experience that delivers personalized content for customers.

Galls mobile app screens
Galls e-commerce purchase screens

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