Not only can you find qualified professionals to help fix your stuff, your realtor, insurance agent, and other professionals can seamlessly transfer all of this information to you. Just ask them for Centriq. Centriq automatically adds the manual and other documents and guides for everything you add to Centriq.


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Going through an extensive amount of research, prototyping and testing with user groups to determine the best experience possible.

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The result was an app that is personalized with your brand—your picture, name, company logo and contact information. Plus, your clients receive important notices such as product recall emails brought to them by you as well. Upload and organize documents and receipts for the remodel. You may also want to offer to add other household documents and build a searchable household inventory. Enter the professionals that work on the remodel (don’t forget to add yourself). Take photos and record videos to help clients remember things. Everything needed to take control over your home in one centralized localization in your pocket.

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