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A home purchase happens in moments but lasts a lifetime. Why do we treat the largest investment of our life as a transaction taking advice from someone we barely know? This sparked the core question of “what is the role a real estate agent could or should play in a home owners life?”. From this question grew the concept “Agent for Life”, elevating the Agent as hero in the home buyer’s journey we created a digital experience that turned the real estate transaction into a life long trusted relationship.


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How it Works

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In order to structure the site that enables the Agent to be the guiding hand thru the experience, we knew we needed to understand the complete lifecycle of a home buyer / owner process. The team dove into deep research and auditing across the space to completely immerse ourselves into the real estate industry.


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The team created a beautiful world class responsive website experience with an editorial look and feel. The new approach allows for BHHS to tell the rich stories around their agents and makes finding the “Agent for Life” a delightful experience.

Motion Study

When presenting concepts we often create animation that explores how the personality of a brand could be expressed with motion.

Sizzle Reel for Agent Conference

In addition to the website work we did, the team also pulled together a sizzle reel has a flavor feature for the annual agents conference for the CEO to showcase.

Roles, People & Awards


  • Hero Digital

Design Directors

  • Tony Glorioso

UX Designers

  • Steven Hein
    Steven Wakabayashi

Visual Designers

  • Chris Sanders
    Allie Packer
    Bobby Grober

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