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Ori systems are powered by modular robotics so that they can seamlessly adapt space to activities and be installed in a true plug & play fashion. Space transformation should be effortless and magical. You will always be a finger touch, tap or voice command away from having your space adapt to you. The on-device interface uses motion sensors to light up, with pre-settings for the different possible configurations and the ability to connect to other smart devices.


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With the simple push of a button or through voice control, the Ori will reconfigure freeing up your living space.

While the Ori team had the technology – actuators, electronics and software to glide heavy furniture and connect it to other smart devices – our goal was to find a single unit scenario that would maximize the value of a micro studio or one bedroom apartment. The unit had to be flexible for both the developer and end user, with modular features based on spatial volume. More importantly, it had to solve the problems inherent to micro-living, such as maximizing storage space and minimizing clutter.

The Ori app, mirroring the brand’s foldable geometries, enables users to seamlessly transform their home Ori unit with the touch of a button. From anywhere in the world, the user can simply touch the icon for Living Room, Office or Bedroom, and the unit will shift to its pre-settings. In this way, if you have a friend coming over after work, you can tap Living Room and have your home ready to go. Or, after you leave in the morning, you can tuck your bed away without having to make it. The app also lets users dive into deeper customizations in order to make their unit perfect for them. The same icons from the app also appear on the on-device interface, with intuitive arrows to guide the user to move the unit manually. The on-device interface, a seemingly stark black pyramid, comes to life with a motion sensor that lights the icons from underneath. Every bit of the digital experience of Ori is meant to feel like magic, at home or remotely.

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