GeoNetwork delivers the first comprehensive platform for the registry, delivery, and management of geofences. Our patent-protected technology creates a global standard for geospatial information, providing the infrastructure for revolutionary applications and services across industries. GeoNetwork provides geo-spatial context to applications and devices in order to make autonomous decisions. We allow the owners/regulators of space the ability to establish the rules and permissions within a specified area by creating geofences that have the rules embedded in the virtual fence. Applications and devices are programmed to tune to these smart geofences, understand the rules and make autonomous decisions.


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Geofences can be as large as a country or as small as a matchbox but having control on what happens within that fence can impact lives.

Recently safety and privacy questions have been raised with the concern over drones. One of the biggest features we designed into this platform was the ability to create rules that a drone would have to follow within the fenced area. Fly over someones house at a low altitude, the camera goes black. Spraying pesticides over a crop, let’s first check the direction of wind speeds, temperatures and surrounding locations to make sure we don’t impact a residential area or another farmers crop. The ability to draw and redraw areas with rules and share those rules is the key feature of this product.

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