Capture all the items in your home to find direct resources, warranty info and service needs all in your pocket. The biggest challenges for Centriq was trying to figure out how to create an app that would truly allow home owners and agents alike to capture the contents of your home.The real power of this app is not just excessing warranty. From a real estate agent prospective this allows to digitally catalogue of all the items in a home as a leave behind for a home owner to access service info and warranty, also begin able to order parts directly from the app.


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Centriq gives you local, qualified professionals for every job at your fingertip.

Not only can you find qualified professionals to help fix your stuff, your realtor, insurance agent, and other professionals can seamlessly transfer all of this information to you. Just ask them for Centriq. Centriq automatically adds the manual and other documents and guides for everything you add to Centriq.

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